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i meant to schedule that email with questions to the employment office for a non-ungodly hour in the morning but then my finger slipped. a small price to pay for peace of mind

i think i had something close to a heatstroke today bc i was so confused n lethargic. i know for sure its not complications from the head bump cause its almost vanished and no bruise or anything. always bet on immediate ice packs

what are some of humanities most ambitious pursuits? fame, success or everlasting love. or perhaps maybe just to be able to go over to someones house and hang out at the couch with our shoes off

suspenseful morning of will they wont they.. oh fucjkkk now that im not actively occupied with some shit its my only chance to get to draw thse things ive been wanting to draw for days!!!!!!

i fuckning got up to turn off my alarm and hit ymy fucking foregeasd afainst the corner of my open window aaaafjhjfuck i hvent looked in a mirror yet but i can feeekl the fuckin massive bumpp whoile im aoolideing an icepack to it im typing with one hand


misspellings of long words are never not gonna be funny to me bc i know theyre totally justified and i feel you

a list of words that i can never spell right when typing moderately fast:









they hit me with those arities and ilities and i just keysmash and go back to right click-suggestions it later

this morning i know im gonna be okay.

why pray tell are both of my computers slow as shit and the internet is slow as shit and google keeps making me do captchas because of "suspicious activity in my network" and when i click on the link to download audacity it doesnt work :)

i probably just need to take out a loan to buy a proper fucking phone that can run fucking applications and has a working fucking headphone jack so i can call friends with the smallest fucking level of privacy and occasionally maybe even take and post a photo on social media. can you fucking imagine lol??? and also get into a contract with a national company for a remote dead end job so they periodically put a pathetic amount of money in my acct that i can take out and use. for goods and services. fucking god

tw: talk abt running away with all that it implies. sorry i had to allow myself ONE thought about running away per day because otherwise itll keep festering in my brain.

i can only do it after the plague subsides in the capital and id have to buy a bus ticket and somehow sneak out to take that bus. then i wouldve taken out a loan so i can pay for some kind of housing. unless ive somehow managed to make a committed friend thatd let me sleep in a corner. and probably a new phone in case theyre smart enough to try to track me and rat me out to the goddamn cops. then first thing i need is to sort out my bank situation. and then somehow if the cops are still not there then id literally just work to save up money. probably to move to a second location. the bigger capital? its an urban dystopian hellhole but id seriously rather get killed or maimed by strangers or an indifferent system cause i know its not personal. okay. now i have it out of my system

when marina and the diamonds said tv taught me how to feel now real life has no appeal it has no appeal it has no appeal it has no appeal it has no appeal it has no appeal

crazy and amazing that you can put amulets on your body to shapeshift irl. i want it so bad

made a mistake and im about to find out out what coffee and tea mixed together tastes like. good morning?

*receives a couple of kind words from strangers* oh im gonna live to fulfill all my dreams :)

things are gonna get hard but ill get through it and ill make it to the other end and things are gonna work out. thats how it goes. that is how it goes

im so proud of myself for staying calm and collected under immense emotional strain... love that. this too will pass. this too will pass. this too will pass. things are gonna be alright

see the beautiful thing about italian is that you hear someone say something and then you can type what it out honetically on google and thats what they said. at most you might have missed a double c or a q but the thing that is heard is how the the thing sounds is how the thing is written. and thats a luxury compared to something like english. great stuff

i swear language people will argue about the stupidest shit. take the oxford comma. everyone shut the fuck up about the oxford comma! if its less ambiguous, use it so that things are less ambiguous. if its more ambiguous, dont use it so that things are not more ambiguous.

nobody wants to be ambiguous except when they explicitly want to be ambiguous, and in that case theyre a language criminal on the run that will use any underhanded tactic to achieve their goals and cannot be trusted. but the rest of us are just trying to shoot brain laser beams at each other with a minimum amount of interference. so there

me: yeah im probably not gonna watch lupin iii part v when i get there bc it was made in 2018 and im a hipster who prefers looking at hand-drawn brushstrokes and grain to the ultra polished and glowy digital look of a lot of contemporary anime. also its set in the digital age and the technology plots were always my least favorite, theres just nothing tangible about cybercrime and its gonna be really obnoxious if lupin rattles off complicated hacking plans and keeps getting one step ahead of his enemies!... by typing gibberish into phones and computers. im just not feeling it plus the blue jacket just has nothing flamboyant about it, what are you doing wearing blue lupin? thats jigens color. even the original green pops and is not something that could be part of a businessmans uniform.

article: this series explores lupin's complicated relationship with goemon, which is different from that with jigen


big snail in my backyard; extremely auspicious

*uses a comically large hammer to destroy every single mailto: link in existence*

my splashboard's been so full of amazing art and stuff lately and it takes a lot of restraint not to reblog bc if i start then i wont stop and im doing my best to keep track of my mental and emotional energy rn, i dont know how much it takes from me to maintain socmedia.

ist his gonna bne the oone that fies y scehduel?j h,m nto getting enough selep meakes me feel sick and insane at the same tie. bacc cobinaion. not goof do r typing

i fuckin love my face today, i dunno. narcissism off the charts. likeee. i just love my hair, my forehead, my eyes, my eyebrows, my nose, my cheeks, my lips, my teeth, my chin, my neck. my ears. LIKE. i just know that when cishets see me they immediately think "oh honey you would be sooo pretty if you grew out that d**e hair into a straight passing cut and plucked your eyebrows and got braces and lost weight and wore makeup!!!" (real shit that humans have said) and im just sitting here like. why would i turn into something that i wouldnt even want to fuck.

dude ok im getting ahead of myself cause hes still writing the prescription but i should totally post once a day like.. my antidepressant journey and then ill know if theyre doing fuck all from the fact that i could actually keep doing it. thats sctientific research babes