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crazy and amazing that you can put amulets on your body to shapeshift irl. i want it so bad

just looked at myself in the mirror and i havent shaven or anyting in weeks so my facial hair is thriving.... plus glorious sideburns and peach fuzz. im so blessed with thick dark hair i wouldnt have it any other way

(at the pharmacy)

me: how much for this one? (points to square blue box of Chester Ice TM cologne)

shopkeep: that ones for men

me: yup

shopkeep: ok lemme check...

it finally happened to me. i stand outside the atm. guy comes up behind me: "hey dude, you're in line?" (i wasnt, i was waiting for a friend). when i turn slightly and reply, he stutters a bit. the fade is everything ✌

im a "man" in the same way urban legends are called "the (something) man"

ok im curious. are there any other transmascs who prefer not to bind bc even though its not a bra you can still feel a Thing around your chest area that constantly reminds you of whats there?

this is why i just layer undershirts and stuff, i know its not as effective but its just reassuring to leave my moobs be, hangin out Somewhere under a shapeless silhouette.