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Posts tagged this is so out of left field im sorry and thats exactly how blindsided i am at the reality of POISON:

alright so heres the thing and its gonna sound like the craziest thing ever, and it might be just that, but im currently being unknowingly poisoned. yes unknowingly as in the poisoner does not know that they are indeed poisoning me. no ill will or intent all around, its just. its just a thing that is now happening in this fucking crazy life that im IN.

however, i do care about my health, so, heres what i have to do. i have to keep pretending that im taking... the poison. but throw it away instead. somehow. okay. here are my openings:

1-go outside and pour it into the grass

2-go to the kitchen and pour it into the sink

3-go to the bathroom and pour it into the sink

now, i have to smart about this. i cannot slip up, not even once. so its really not sustainable to just keep doing this for however long they keep at it. so my goal is to make them stop. heres how im gonna make them stop.

tomorrow, nothing. the day after, nothing. on thursday, ill vomit. i know how to induce vomiting. too much water and then with the finger. i think i can pull up some videos so i can do the sympathy thing.

if that doesnt make them stop, ill make myself gag at lunch on friday. and play up the nausea that i already get occasionally. then, we'll see. we'll see how the fuck this fucking utter madness turns out.

i can do this. im a survivor. im a stubborn fuckin cockroach and im not gonna let myself get poisoned. this is the year when i learn to finesse my way out of a life threatening situation. oh honey. its happening.