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thank god when i was a kid i failed to retain any of the pro monarchy bs in "the great mouse detective" (which is in like every disney movie anyway)

watching it again now i had a good laugh at the concept of mice that serve in afghanistan (??) and wield tiny mouse-sized revolvers.

also the music is great. leitmotifs left and right. and the clockwork aesthetic is *chefs kiss* just delightful.

so it was pretty good even if im perfectly aware of (some criticisms and mentions of bigotry ahead, this is where the post ends otherwise)

that one racist costume... queercoded ratigan... ableist bat... fatphobic dawson... misogynistic cabaret mice... lazily designed good male dog vs evil female cat... just lazy designs in general which may or may not be offensive.

i would speculate that since animators were short on time n money they relied on easy familiar shorthand and stuff, but lets be honest this type of shit is just Disney TM. i just cant relate to adults who have rose tinted glasses for these movies. ok thats enough disney bashing