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so is the mandalorian sweet? does it have a heart? a humanity? a genuine sort of sensibility?

Just one more drop, friend

Before we stop, friend

One more moment face to face


Next time you're dry, friend

Try stopping by, friend

If there's a light in the place


We may not thrive, friend

But we survive, friend

Look, we're alive, friend

You and I


So say goodnight, friend

Goodnight, but not goodbye!🌙

me: someone put up the whole clone wars 2003 cartoon on youtube? huh guess ill watch it since i like the art style and its just 2 hours long



first time ive noticed the human person in the threepio costume breathing very slightly after he gets turned off. im not annoyed i love practical effects

return of the jedi is a fucking masterpiece and snobby film buffs can die mad about it

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imma be real wit you chief (star wars thoughts part 1/?)

i dont know what people are on when theyre like... "the empire strikes back is better and grittier than a new hope". like is it? is it really?? (ok i put the whole thing under a cut bc its way longer than it seemed in the post editor. spoilers: its not)

theres more blood. but that doesnt mean that the threat and presence of death is any bigger, in fact, id say that the opposite is true. boatloads of soldiers fall in battle at the beginning of the movie when that was the climax of new hope, when there was a chance that luke would join them.

the 2 robot funnymen are still comic relief but now theyre not even relevant to the plot, chewbacca has more heehee moments so thats funnyman number 3, and yoda makes 4 until the epic reveal, although even after that hes still a furby lookin 80's puppet and i cant take him 100% seriously.

also the pacing and structure are kinda weird? like it keeps cutting back and forth between the luke stuff and vader stuff and leia gang stuff a bit nilly willy and as a result the music cant keep up and transition smoothly between the themes. several times i thought a moment was about to end (including the ending itself, and ill get to that) but it kept going, focusing on the same stuff when im like... i get it. can we move on.

and im not comparing it to other movies ok, just to a new hope, which is a silly goofy late 70's sci fi romp but it feels so much more clean cut and satisfying (probably bc it was originally self contained). there vader force chokes 1 guy, and its weird and scary and intimidating. here he chokes like 3 guys. there the lightsaber fight with obi wan takes place in 1 corridor, it might be "lame" but its dramatic and intense. here vader and luke go through like 3 different sections of a building, they climb and run around like its hide n seek for a looong time before any meaningful dialogue happens.

the ending of new hope with luke taking the shot is both the emotional and exciting action climax, but here the leia gang make a daring escape (action climax) and the vader and luke stuff happens (emotional) and then theres some more action with the falcon and tie fighters until they make a second daring escape...

dont even get me started on han solo, new hope gave him just enough screentime to be cool and aloof but here he has no business telling threepio that hes obnoxious bc hes the most annoying irritable bastard and every time carrie fisher made the "can you believe this shit" face i was with. her.

so all of this is like the movie commits the "sins" that "bad" sequels get accused of all the time. doing the same thing but just more of it, more times, for longer, on a bigger scale, but that doesnt necessarily make it better. maybe some things have a bigger impact when theyre smaller and more personal. more doesnt feel like a word anymore so ill stop right here.

in conclusion: cool robots and uniforms bc they had better shinier materials

"all comic relief characters are terrible"

WRONG. c3po star wars is hilarious and also very gay and shiny

illegally streaming star war 2 the empire strikes back, but it keeps buffering so im letting the player run through the whole video so its all loaded when i actually watch it. wish me luck