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An Anonymous user asked:

out of curiosity, do you have the link to the sin chart quiz (from your about page)?

omg i thought it would be hard to find but it's still the top result. here: - the big joke is that it's quite old and silly and made for a narrow demographic (there's a binary gender selector), a relic from the glorious HTML web design era that shouldn't be taken seriously.

anyway here's my updated chart:

[ID: Screenshot of a dark 3-column chart. Column 1 lists the seven deadly sins, column 2 assigns each sin a value ranging from "Very Low" to "High", and column 3 represents each value with color-coded bars. The chart reads:
Greed: Medium. Gluttony: Medium. Wrath: Low. Sloth: High. Envy: Very Low. Lust: Medium. Pride: Low. End ID.]

really roundabout to say that i'm conscious with money, i like food, i'm kinda depressed, and i'm a feminist.