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me: getting that good sleep!!!!

my brain: hey wake up. wake up. remember that wander over yonder forum roleplay you did in like 2016? you completed that. with like 100% original illustrations for longer posts and everything. and then the other person asked you permission to adapt it into a fic and post it to their ao3 account. and then they told you when they posted it and you checked it out and they hadnt even tried to credit you. so you asked them to do that and they added a footnote. anyway what was that thread even about? it was something about watchdogs. like was it about any ship? probably not lord hater/commander peepers. or was it?? you were totally peepers, but the other person didnt seem like the type to be able to handle hater. so... wander/peepers? that was a thing. wow. i used to be so into that. actually allll the mains have such amazing chemistry and wholesome moments of tenderness im really not surprised that a considerable number of ppl were like yup! theyre a polycule!! and everyone else was like sounds legit. imagine that. anyway. maybe it was abt peepers/a watchdog oc. or maybe maybe ahh this one is probably not it but just watchdog oc/watchdog oc. cause that was also a thing, holy shit. we all watched that episode where they humanized the comical evil villain disposable identical goons and got to cranking the oc machine. thats when i first realized with my big galaxy brain that its rlly dark and edgy to be a mindless cog in a machine... the military industrial complex. wander over yonder literally radicalized me. wander over yonder made me accept my gay and transness by projecting onto a certain character. i dont even wanna say who but if you watch the show then you KNOOOW. anyway i wonder if i could ever find that thread. i remember being very meticulous with the writing and feeling proud of that. and the illustrations. but i dont remember any of my esoteric usernames from that era....