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last night i watched frosty the snowman 1969 it was great. now thats what i call animation. its funny that the exact same artstyle works so well in 2d and 3d. thats how you know its good. the character designs are the cuddliest thing ever. thats the only way i can describe it. like. oh my GOD let me hug you. i dont care that youre a giant lump of hard snow. thats magic

rankin bass jack frost is rlly good but i need to warn you that there are characters called the snow g*psies... as far as i can tell theyre not stereotypes, its just the name 😐 anyway, good movie

the rankin bass santa claus prequel is amazing. i cried so much. it just. it has so many of those lines. dialogue, narration, song lyrics. that are just. insane precision strikes to the hearts of the lonely and the lost (me)