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i just had to watch a movie called "our brand is crisis" for school and hoo boy its so baaad wake me up insiiide its just such bland american liberal bullshit but you just Know that the "creatives" thought they were really on to something. oOoohh did you know electoral campaigns rigged? and politician lie? and propaganda? it really makes u think

sandra bullock is a relatable depressed person with a perfect cottage in the woods. shes just too good for her fat woman and black man sidekicks. shes a career woman. shes a hashtag girlboss. shes so quirky look she carries a Native American inspired pottery bowl (??) around as an amulet and she eats potato chip (SEE THATS SO QUIRKY)

its cool how she has no values or aspirations whatsoever and its only out of spite for his pasty rival that she suddenly decides to do anything and everything despicable to make a conservative fuck the president of an Exotic Latino Country

guys its ok!!! cause in the end when the conservative does what conservatives do, which is to fuck over the people, she has a big white savior moment and becomes part of a... latin american solidarity org? and theres a new hope for the future (that she fucked up in the first place)!!!

this story is based on real events guys. except for the whole twist. nevermind that. and most other things. ok its actually a very loose fictionalization. almost like it shouldve been presented as that, instead of suggesting that this kinda cookie cutter styrofoam pellets in a cardboard box of a narrative has any significant connection with reality