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a lot of tiktok povs are dedicating to transformations (from nerd to a hottie, from the good guy to the bad guy and vice versa), almost all of them include removing glasses, other stereotypes and people changing basically overnight and then being completely confident and natural in their new look.

i wanna make a tiktok about a girl who does such a makeover, then gets uncomfortable with it and decides to switch back to what's comfortable for her and what she likes as "im a bitch, i'm a boss" plays in a background

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megafauna -

how tf do you study fashion for character design cause I really gotta but I have no clue where to even start

katiebirdie -

a lady i follow on tumblr described her process and basically she says you should

a) learn about different terms for specific styles like "bohemian" or "punk" that relate to your characters' personality or your idea of their style so you know what to search for,

b) collect all related/similar terms to those styles and keep them save somewhere so you know what the range in terms there is, and

c) build a reference folder of clothes in those styles to either take inspiration form or use wholesale, since it's not uncommon for artists to just use actual clothing-- i think the sailor moon manga is pretty well known for just using runway looks for the villains. she also said that pinterest, while overall terrible, is a good site for this since it has a big fashion scene and you can make individual pages for each character to pin things too. if you don't want to use it though you can also literally just go to actual clothing websites and save/take screenshots of the clothing you like in that category and save it to a folder on your computer.

autiestella -

also!! if aim create a specific subculture look: look into where first sprung from, how became popular, even typical music tastes & more - subculture able show lot abt character, if put together right :D

will also find if learn lot of one subculture, will start learn others too, just cause lot of influence & bounce between!

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in case there will be a generation growing up entirely on tiktok: please don't actually tell your best friend that you have loved them since you were eighteen in the middle of their wedding, i feel like almost any other time is more appropriate than that

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fandomsandsuch asked:

what is the meaning behind the ussr joke?

babushka -

there is a famous phrase that says "there is/was no sex in the ussr". it originated in the 80s, when a soviet woman said "we don't have sex here" in a conversation with american woman about sexualized ads. the author of the phrase later implied that women in ussr "didn't have sex, they made love".

the phrase "there is/was no sex in ussr" became popular also because the subject of sex was a big taboo in ussr, and the phrase is often used to note that. but it's also used as a joke "hmm, there was no sex in ussr, i wonder how children were made..." so, when UK "banned sex", naturaly, i decided they and ussr are in the same boat now.

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Almost trips over my own feet while carrying a filled glass and an open water bottle


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show about old people but its wholesome and nice

ideas under the cut

episode where grandkids come to visit

episode where family reunion goes wrong (they make up in the end)

grandparent and grandkid bond over grandparents hobby (grandma makes jam, grandpa flies rc planes, etc.)

a few episodes where grandma has old people friends come over and they play card games/mexican train dominoes/majong/etc.

grandparents and grandkids bond over learning technology (yes there is arguing and frustration but there's always the "you're trying your best" thing)

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literally no one:

not even sailor moon:

trump: the moon is MINE

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God I wish that were me

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dnr? no no no you misheard me. i said pr.

please reblog i need the attention

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also i just randomly decided to look good for a job offer so this was a "red eyeshadow, blue mascara and grey lipstick" kinda day. also this is my casual look now. i don't make the rules

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[droplet] one click reblog for waterfall

sentiniel -

(it's okay if i whatever this, right?)

i'm living in a world of agony right now, with tumblr having pushed out its new beta layout hence disabling my one-click reblog function from xkit, so i'm back here for a bit. i'm here to announce that it's been about a year since i've made this chrome extension and for some reason it still works.

like, i'm happy, y'all. i don't have to do much to update this.

i wanna share this with people because goddamn i can't live a life without one-click reblog i swear! convenience has got me weak. anyway here take this.

>> .rar file download << || >> .zip mirror<< || >> .xpi mirror for firefox users <<

[chrome users]

it's an unpublished extension so you gotta have chrome developer mode on for this. head to chrome://extensions (or brave, if you're on brave like me) and just load the folder you unpacked from the .rar.

[firefox users]

same general set of steps, although there's no developer mode to toggle on or off; head to your addons and load that xpi file into your browser

boom. one click reblog.

im lazy, so i haven't bugtested anything, and it's been over a year since i've read that code so it's probably stale by now. but hey! it works! and that's what i care about.

one click reblogs.

thoughts -

i love it!!! so good

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chicory -

We should start depicting unicorns as goats and cows as well again.

chicory -

wait were unicorbs ever depicted as pigs because imagine a boar with an enormous fuck you narwhal horn on its forehead that sounds fuckimg terrifying and majestic

cjadewyton -

okay but the potentual behind this is pretty cool

boar unicorn with a boar hunting spear as its horn would be bad af!

gremlin-gal -

*clears throat* moose....with an enormous 'fuck you' horn

squeaky-warrior -

You're welcome.

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who wants to see some mspaint art i did

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Sailor Moon Space Chapter II - Sailor Sibling



✦ [NEWS] ☆ [KO-FI]

guest art of the first screenshot by @levierina (ko-fi)

It's a nice summer morning in Tsukino family. Mom - Ikuko Tsukino, Dad - Kenji Tsukino and Usagi's brother Shingo are sitting at the table discussing something about Shingo's new school year. Shingo isn't thrilled about classes starting either.

Shingo: I bet Sailor Moon doesn't have to go to school. She is so awesome! I wanna be like her someday.

Kenji: I don't know much about Sailor Moon, but she seems to be pretty smart. You'll have to get straight A's in school to be as smart as her!

Shingo sighs. Does he, though?

Then, Usagi flies in front of them from the second floor, shouting that she's late.

Usagi: Waaah! I forgot we had a picnic today!

Ikuko: Here, I've packed everything for you.

Usagi: Thanks mommy, you're the best!

Shingo: Can we mention that it's almost noon and you still managed to oversleep? And you're supposed to be an adult?

Usagi: Shut up, Mister I-Don't-want-to-go-school!

They bicker a little as Usagi takes her backpack and storms off. But just as she runs on the streets, she almost bumps into another giant crystal. It's as big as a human, dark and floating half-meter above the ground, but it doesn't attack or turn.

Usagi: Ugh, I'm running late! But I can't let this thing be! Moon Celestial Power, Make Up!

She transforms into her Celestial form and destroys the crystal with the Royal Moonlight Everlasting attack. Then she transforms back and picks up her backpack.

Usagi: Phew, this is out of my hair now...

She runs away without knowing that Shingo was watching her through the window this whole time!

Shingo: Sailor Moon! Right near me! I'm so lucky I've got my camera!

He looks at the photos he took with his camera. He notices that on one of them, Sailor Moon is reaching for Usagi's backpack. He almost drops the camera.

Shingo: Wait, what? This can't... This is just impossible!!!

Usagi arrives at the picnic with her face is red from all the running. She explains, that she is only late because she had to fight a crystal, but Rei doesn't believe her, claiming she has overslept as usual. Makoto brings lunch for everyone, as usual, and girls carry on with the picnic. That lasts for a while until Usagi decides to go and smell the flowers. Just as she is left alone, Shingo jumps at her from the bushes with a sinister smile.

Shingo: I have a deal to make with you, Usagi! I know everything about your secret identity!

Usagi: What are you doing here? What are you talking about?

Shingo: I know who you are! You're Sailor Moon!

Usagi: You must be joking, Shingo. We don't even look alike!

Shingo reveals to Usagi that he saw her picking up the backpack transforming. He has photo proof that she is Sailor Moon! He offers to make a deal with her – he won't tell their parents about it, but Usagi will have to buy him whatever he wants until school starts!

Usagi: Okay, Shingo, I'll think about this. Wait here, I'll be right back!

She dashes back to the picnic, grabs Luna, mutters something about how she has to go and runs away. As she runs across the park with a struggling cat in her hands, Usagi explains what happened. When she finally reaches an empty street, she puts Luna down.

Usagi: You got me into this, now you will sort this out!

Luna explains to Usagi that, as a cat, she can't really blow her cover. However, Usagi can. In the end, if she has truly awakened as Queen Serenity, that means that the events they saw in the future will happen relatively soon. After all, using the power of Silver Crystal, Usagi is destined to rule the world one day, so her parents will inevitably find out the truth about her sooner or later.

Luna: It's about time for you to start behaving like the Queen you're going to be!

Usagi: Luna, you are right. I'm going to settle this like an adult!

Next frame shows Mamoru opening his door. Usagi stands behind it with Luna in her backpack.

Usagi: Mamo-chan, move your things, I am going to live with you forever. I ran away from home!

As she marches into his flat, followed by Mamoru's shocked stare, Luna explains to him what happened. Usagi then lands straight on his bed and gazes longingly out of the window.

Usagi: To protect my identity... I will now live alone, away from everyone. I will be a Beautiful Lonely Warrior, Defender of Justice, whose face will never be known to any human.

Mamoru: Wouldn't that make your family even more suspicions?

Usagi: You're right, but at least I won't have to talk to them!

Usagi sadly rolls over in bed for a while.

Usagi: But I already miss them... I miss my mum's cooking... I'm hungry. What do I do?

Mamoru sits on the bed beside her.

Mamoru: I can come with you if you want. We can talk to them together. They're lovely people, your parents. I'm sure they will understand the situation.

Usagi: Really? You're going to do this with me?

Mamoru: Yeah! We're protecting the Earth together, remember? You don't have to do this alone, either.

Usagi gets up and hugs Mamoru so tight, he almost falls on the bed.

Usagi: Mamo-chan, you are the best! Maybe you should do all the talking.

Luna: Usagi, you'll still have to say something.

Usagi: Fine, I'll do it!

Usagi, Mamoru and Luna approach Tsukinos' house. When the whole family opens the door, they tell that they were worried sick about Usagi.

Shingo: I told you! She was out there fighting evil again!

Kenji: What are you talking about?

Usagi: Mom, Dad, I have to show you something. Moon Celestial Power, Make Up!

Everyone stares at Usagi as she transforms.

Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, and Tsukino family sit down and talk a lot. Parents listen carefully, and Shingo can't help but exclaim from time to time. In the end, the family agrees that it was a lot to take in, but they understand.

Ikuko: Those crystals... Are those evil spirits?

Usagi: I think so. But don't worry, we will destroy them!

Kenji: I have to admit, our daughter is really more independent than we thought!

Luna wants to disagree but quickly shuts her mouth – after all that Usagi's family was exposed to, a talking cat might be too much!

Ikuko: We will keep your secret if necessary. It's just... You are my daughter, and I'm worried about you. These crystals...

Tuxedo Mask: She is not alone. Me and the others will do everything to protect her.

Ikuko: I knew I can count on you.

Usagi and Mamoru transform back into their civilian forms. They eat and drink with Tsukino family, talking about everything and laughing.

Usagi: Shingo, and you thought you could expose me! Who is laughing now?

Shingo: Fine, I have to admit it, you're pretty cool. Being... Sailor Moon and all that stuff.

Usagi: Yeah, thanks for noticing!

Shingo: But you're still a lazy person!

Usagi: Watch out, Shingo! I'll be the Queen soon, and my first order will be to execute you!

Shingo: Hah, the Queen of what? Eating sweets?

Usagi: Shut up!

Mamoru, Ikuko and Kenji look at them and smile.

Later tonight, Usagi tells the story to the girls.

Usagi: Well, it's fine. Now i can skip school and tell them I am on a mission!

Minako: No, you can't. It didn't work with my parents.

Everyone: Your parents... Know you're Sailor Venus?

Minako: Well, they know me as Sailor V! I should visit them one day.

Usagi: Whoa, I can't believe it!

Minako: My boyfriend doesn't know though... I don't think i should tell him.


- I'm sorry your what?!

- Minako! You have a boyfriend?

- Why didn't you tell us?

- I wanted to tell you on a picnic! But Usagi stormed off...

- You could have told us anyway! Why wait for her?

- Hey, that's unfair!

- All right, all right, I'll tell you everything now!

And the girls keep talking as the sun sets.

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thoughts asked:

ok i was stumped abt what exactly to ask u so why dont you go ahead n unleash one of your jokes

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a pony wanted to sing in a choir but unfortunately he was a little horse

sonic-for-real-justice -

bill cipher

but smaller


yes good that is the correct size :)