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see the beautiful thing about italian is that you hear someone say something and then you can type what it out honetically on google and thats what they said. at most you might have missed a double c or a q but the thing that is heard is how the the thing sounds is how the thing is written. and thats a luxury compared to something like english. great stuff

i swear language people will argue about the stupidest shit. take the oxford comma. everyone shut the fuck up about the oxford comma! if its less ambiguous, use it so that things are less ambiguous. if its more ambiguous, dont use it so that things are not more ambiguous.

nobody wants to be ambiguous except when they explicitly want to be ambiguous, and in that case theyre a language criminal on the run that will use any underhanded tactic to achieve their goals and cannot be trusted. but the rest of us are just trying to shoot brain laser beams at each other with a minimum amount of interference. so there

sometimes i think abt the fact that in my corner of the world taking full advantage of a language's phonology within its constraints so you end up with silky smooth connected speech is looked down upon and becomes a marker of social class/"level of education"

tell me what *do* you gain by purposefully keeping your speech stilted, spitting out every single one of those eses, putting ele before elle, when you damn well know argentinians in the 21st century blend in all these sounds? newsflash it doesnt make you sound smart, just makes you look like a tool