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he man the funniest episode compilation

transcript below bc some of these voices are friggin impossible

Evil-Lyn: Skeletor, where are you? I have news!

Skeletor: I was feeding my pets, Evil-Lyn! This'd better be important.


Orko: Is this it? I don't see the Magic Falls!

Attak Trak: These are the coordinates that you gave me. If this isn't the right place, it's not my fault; I tried.


Cave Door: Speak the magic word, friend. Then, enter.

Orko: But what kinda magic word? I mean, what's the password? What am I supposed to do, say "please, let me in"?

Cave Door: As a matter of fact, yes... Even a door likes a little politeness now and then.


Orko: Now that we're inside, it's clear sailing to the Magic Falls.

Attak Trak: Every time you say that, Orko, something goes wrong.

Orko: Not *every* time!


He Man: Like I've always said, Orko, if you can't get to the bridge... then bring the bridge to you!


He Man: Come on, Trak, you're next!

Attak Trak: You're sure it's safe?

He Man: We won't know for sure until you're across.

Attak Trak: I wish I hadn't asked.


Gatekeeper: I am the gatekeeper! I can take you everywhere and anywhere! Or was that "anyplace and everywhere"? Well, perhaps someplace and no place-


Royal Guard: Now then, you said you have a request for the king?

Kobra Khan (in human disguise): Yessss...

Royal Guard: What?

Kobra Khan: I mean... yes.

i love skeletor. sometimes hell be like "he man you dont get it. being evil is fun" and youre supposed to be like hohoho hes so wrong and misguided. which he is. but! it does look like fun. plundering powerful and dubious artifacts. summoning some ancient demon. putting his nemesis thru ridiculous gauntlets to coerce him into taking him to grayskull (not that he doesnt know the way. he just cant get past the sorceress' latest gen magical home security suite). its a dynamic lifestyle. high risk high reward. not even that high risk cause he knows he man will always let him run away and nobodys showing up at snake mountain to hold him accountable for his numerous crimes. king