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he man the funniest episode compilation

transcript below bc some of these voices are friggin impossible

Evil-Lyn: Skeletor, where are you? I have news!

Skeletor: I was feeding my pets, Evil-Lyn! This'd better be important.


Orko: Is this it? I don't see the Magic Falls!

Attak Trak: These are the coordinates that you gave me. If this isn't the right place, it's not my fault; I tried.


Cave Door: Speak the magic word, friend. Then, enter.

Orko: But what kinda magic word? I mean, what's the password? What am I supposed to do, say "please, let me in"?

Cave Door: As a matter of fact, yes... Even a door likes a little politeness now and then.


Orko: Now that we're inside, it's clear sailing to the Magic Falls.

Attak Trak: Every time you say that, Orko, something goes wrong.

Orko: Not *every* time!


He Man: Like I've always said, Orko, if you can't get to the bridge... then bring the bridge to you!


He Man: Come on, Trak, you're next!

Attak Trak: You're sure it's safe?

He Man: We won't know for sure until you're across.

Attak Trak: I wish I hadn't asked.


Gatekeeper: I am the gatekeeper! I can take you everywhere and anywhere! Or was that "anyplace and everywhere"? Well, perhaps someplace and no place-


Royal Guard: Now then, you said you have a request for the king?

Kobra Khan (in human disguise): Yessss...

Royal Guard: What?

Kobra Khan: I mean... yes.