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batman: tas batman sleeps in pyjamas but with the mask still on. zoom out and catwoman is doing the same thing and is clinging to him. even more zoom out and joker and harley quinn are also there.

then it cuts to alfred whos still awake in the kitchen trying to perfect a recipe and it looks amazing, but there are bats outside the big tall windows trying to get in and thats distracting. its like 3 am. joker walks in like he owns the place and talks way too loud and takes the cup of coffee that was supposed to be for bruce.

bruce is so pissed off about the coffee that he goes out as batman to moodily swing around the city with robin and complains about having to put up with the three of them (possibly a polycule???) and robin just nods along meanwhile his internal dialogue is like "but you're the one who brought them in"

(this was just the last dream, the rest are below)

first a novel about a kid who wanted to be a theater triple threat against his parents wishes and there were a lot of trains and train stations with a slate blue palette, and hats/headgear acted as symbolism for occupations/your place in society so it was up to me, his whimsical young adult friend and train employee, to deliver a purple wig to him and say something motivational.

then a futuristic apocalypse in a big white-blue mall with a lot of chrome and clear glass and a huge drugstore section where the vibrant colors of the products popped out. people used makeshift colorful weapons to raid it for medicine sinc that was scarce. there were way too many people trying to get in and it was very confusing. then we took it outside and it turned into the standard urban chase dream.

third was hannah montana before her rise to fame hired a camera crew to film a music video in her neighborhood and they told her that camera operating was a cutthroat business bc once they signed a contract they couldnt stop rolling the camera without being told to and they couldnt tell anyone about what they witnessed. one guy said he had to film someone mess up their fingers. and hannah was just like. wow im just a teenager i didnt know the truth abt showbiz...

i just found out that a lot of the time "vigilante" means a coward hypocrite who breaks some laws just to enforce other laws as if cops dont already do that shit all the time. they DONT need you prowling the neighborhoods and handing over petty thieves (aka poor people), BATMAN. how about redistributing your wealth instead?

there needs to be a separate word for doing illegal shit for the good of your community, not to satisfy your bloodthirst or perceived need to get personally involved in stopping what the current system considers "crimes", bc thats the only true heroism,


got carried away and drew over the guy on the cover so it looks like batman ashuabsuifnskdf

im begging you to watch at least 1 episode of the 60's lone ranger cartoon it is SO MUCH like batman: the animated series it is UNCANNY