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me: yeah im probably not gonna watch lupin iii part v when i get there bc it was made in 2018 and im a hipster who prefers looking at hand-drawn brushstrokes and grain to the ultra polished and glowy digital look of a lot of contemporary anime. also its set in the digital age and the technology plots were always my least favorite, theres just nothing tangible about cybercrime and its gonna be really obnoxious if lupin rattles off complicated hacking plans and keeps getting one step ahead of his enemies!... by typing gibberish into phones and computers. im just not feeling it plus the blue jacket just has nothing flamboyant about it, what are you doing wearing blue lupin? thats jigens color. even the original green pops and is not something that could be part of a businessmans uniform.

article: this series explores lupin's complicated relationship with goemon, which is different from that with jigen


oh my god i looked up the writer for this one episode and he only did this ONE episode. what the fuck. and then he just did ultraman and godzilla shit. huh. like he really needed to get that everythingphobia out of his system

it would be nice to curate a list of lupin iii eps that dont have some sort of insane bigotry inserted into them

i love skeletor. sometimes hell be like "he man you dont get it. being evil is fun" and youre supposed to be like hohoho hes so wrong and misguided. which he is. but! it does look like fun. plundering powerful and dubious artifacts. summoning some ancient demon. putting his nemesis thru ridiculous gauntlets to coerce him into taking him to grayskull (not that he doesnt know the way. he just cant get past the sorceress' latest gen magical home security suite). its a dynamic lifestyle. high risk high reward. not even that high risk cause he knows he man will always let him run away and nobodys showing up at snake mountain to hold him accountable for his numerous crimes. king

ok this is gonna sound like utter nonsense but somehow ive realized what the thing is with me and animation and live action. i prefer animated stuff so so so much because it can look literally however you want. but live action? its trying to be real or realistic. except when its explicitly trying to be heightened and unreal, which i prefer over more realistic stuff. and ok this applies most to mainstream stuff cause i know there are ppl out there pushing the medium to its boundaries. but the mainstream. heres how i see it.

it shows me footage and tells me: "this is real". and i cant help but be like "no its not. stop trying to tell me that this is real on any level. i know its not". and by that i mean that if there isnt something else to distract me then all i see is laboring bodies on screen. idealized bodies, selected from a subset of society that diets and works out to keep that unreal shape.

and i hear you say: look for works with more diverse body types. but let me get to the face. theyre also idealized. theyre conventionally attractive, even if they have one or two deviant flaws those just add interest or iconicity to a conventional package.

but wait, thats not a fabrication. there are indeed conventionally attractive people out there. im just saying, theyre probably not you or me or our friends and families. well maybe youre one of them, but be honest, how many ppl in your circle and environment look like movie stars? most of them? nah.

ill go one step further: heres the real fabrication. no real person really looks like a movie star because none of us spend hours in the makeup chair creating an impossible face. and now shapewear is popular. but its still not like an everyday thing. at least men dont go around dehydrating themselves and oiling up just to emphasize their six packs.

all this to say. what is so much of live action film/tv? fake bodies and faces that they keep telling you its real with the same transparent obstinacy of advertisement and porn. conventionally attractive people telling the stories of/for the whole rest of the world. rich people, more often than not. a stylist gives them an impeccable hairdo and then touches it some more to simulate some messiness. not too much tho, just enough to make reference to the idea of carelessness.

it can be impeccable yet mechanical at the same time. you can leave a camera running in front of these glamorous bodies and get footage that way, get your product.

but with animation? im not looking at bodies on screen. if celebrities want to exercise vanity then all they have is their voices, and that can only get them so far. suddenly their bodies are just as invisible as those of the animators, the designers, concept artists, illustrators, editors, etc.

basically all im saying is the standard mechanics of live action media distract me from the entertainment by making me think abt how we live in a society, while animation is my jam because im an artist and even the most low effort animation puts the artists at the forefront, not by flaunting their bodies, just their creations. and that makes me feel some good type of way

i watched a rlly cool anime and i need to talk abt it 😊❤️💕

its called!! Ai no Gakkou Cuore Monogatari (literally The Story of Heart, School of Love) which can i just say is such a delightfully blunt title. its based on a book from the 1880's but i think its so much better and ill tell u why in a sec.

its about this class of italian schoolboys. they have a nice teacher and sometimes to mix things up he tells them these morality tales. thats about it. its all cutesy and soft and sentimental. simplicity at its best.

like half the eps are character studies of each important kid as the protag gets to know them. and somethin i appreciate is that all of them have distinct faces, head shapes and bodies and NOT ONE of them is the designated "ugly" one.

the rest of the eps are like. the parade. someone has family drama. the bully kid bullies someone and then we support the victim. oop time for an epic morality tale. outdoors summer fun. the circus.

its SO chill esp compared to the book which flipflops between mundane playdates or trips and sudden death, illness or bloody accidents (thats not bad per se, i just have a problem with the way it frames some of this violence and suffering).

so the anime takes all this material, a character moment only mentioned in passing becomes a whole scene, disconnected stories get rearranged and tied together, and BAM the whole package turns out fuller, rounder and more cohesive.

the last 4 episodes are the most loosely adapted because... in the book the bully gets expelled. the protag thinks he'll probably go into the juvie and we never see or hear from him again. ?? okay???

i dont wanna spoil it but that is NOT what happens. like, at all. its very. very very different. its not like he "gets" redeemed, okay. redemption or character development or change can only come from the inside. thats all im gonna say. its the specifics of the story that are rlly touching and sweet and, again, pure sentimentalism.

and even tho its just at the very end i rlly think it elevates the whole show!!! bc the story does not have the same impact disconnected from everything that happened before. recontextualization, thats what it is. its GREAT. its great. i love it


yeah i cried. i cried because they changed EVERYTHING about the ending. but they changed SO LITTLE but that little changes EVERYTHING ABOUT EVERYTHING. and its SO MUCH BETTER. ASTRONOMICAL ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE better than the book.

i just. suddenly. theres so much more MEANING and HOPE. and THE WORLD IS KIND. and PEOPLE are kind. and they DO care. they care SO DAMN MUCH you dont even KNOWWW cuz you think youre some sort of irredemable wretched monster but THERE IS A WAY BACK. THERES A SECOND CHANCE, THIRD CHANCE, FOURTH CHANCE its NOT over and done.

i didnt ask for this. i just thought. some light fluff and a bit of melodrama. I DIDNT EXPECT to take this show SERIOUSLY. and then it GETS SERIOUS and i dont have a CHOICE anymore.


so far they kept the story abt a civilian kid getting heroically (?) killed in the middle of a warzone. they kept the plot about a violent alcoholic dad cleaning up his act. so the question is. are they gonna keep the time that the asshole bully got so bad that the teacher had to drag him kicking and screaming out of the fuckin classroom. and then it was dead quiet and everyone was upset and uncomfortable. cause i have NO idea how you can turn that into a nice uplifting episode of a kids' show

i cant believe the protagonist kid's parents arent just Stoic Man and Delicate Woman and are actually silly and romantic w each other sometimes. this wasnt even in the BOOK. this is a SHOUNEN show. they absolutely did not need to give them personalities. and YET. they did. delightful, amazing, groundbreaking, etc

it shows advanced kanji on screen and on top of them are hiragana transcriptions... so thoughtful.... this is the first time i see sth like that

OH THANK GOD i thougt the file was corrupted bc windows media player cant play it but vlc came to my rescue and here it is.... animes. in beautiful standard resolution.... in unsubtitled japanese. but i dont even care

i wanna post more about that amazing anime but youre gonna have to wait till i torrent the other 25 episodes bc apparently everything anime before the 90's just has to be excruciatingly obscure. i dont even know if it has subtitles. theres no separate file. might be baked in, might be walking right into a raw. then ill understand 40% of the dialogue and go read the book that its based on

found an old anime abt a teacher who seems scary at first but it turns out hes super nice and thoughtful and he gives them a litltel...speech abotu. how much. they mean to him and. that he lo hhh j hHHH ahoy matey i struck GOLD

me: getting that good sleep!!!!

my brain: hey wake up. wake up. remember that wander over yonder forum roleplay you did in like 2016? you completed that. with like 100% original illustrations for longer posts and everything. and then the other person asked you permission to adapt it into a fic and post it to their ao3 account. and then they told you when they posted it and you checked it out and they hadnt even tried to credit you. so you asked them to do that and they added a footnote. anyway what was that thread even about? it was something about watchdogs. like was it about any ship? probably not lord hater/commander peepers. or was it?? you were totally peepers, but the other person didnt seem like the type to be able to handle hater. so... wander/peepers? that was a thing. wow. i used to be so into that. actually allll the mains have such amazing chemistry and wholesome moments of tenderness im really not surprised that a considerable number of ppl were like yup! theyre a polycule!! and everyone else was like sounds legit. imagine that. anyway. maybe it was abt peepers/a watchdog oc. or maybe maybe ahh this one is probably not it but just watchdog oc/watchdog oc. cause that was also a thing, holy shit. we all watched that episode where they humanized the comical evil villain disposable identical goons and got to cranking the oc machine. thats when i first realized with my big galaxy brain that its rlly dark and edgy to be a mindless cog in a machine... the military industrial complex. wander over yonder literally radicalized me. wander over yonder made me accept my gay and transness by projecting onto a certain character. i dont even wanna say who but if you watch the show then you KNOOOW. anyway i wonder if i could ever find that thread. i remember being very meticulous with the writing and feeling proud of that. and the illustrations. but i dont remember any of my esoteric usernames from that era....

never trust reviews that say some old anime's animation is bad and outdated. they might be right but they never account for the fact that maybe thats exactly what makes them GREAT. case in point: ribbon no kishi. FUNNIEST thing ive seen all week. would not be nearly as good if it was fluid and labored.

the rose of versailles viewing experience

ep 1: very dramatic and knightly vibe, nice

next few eps: kinda vapid just watching these royals? more oscar pls

ep 6: okay so they're *not* ignoring the real gritty world outside of versailles. so interesting


yknow im sure the rose of versailles is a great revolutionary anime full of wonderful homoeroticism but im sorry, i cant look at these blondes any longer

i did it. anime aesthetic blog is here. rn ive got 20+ stardust keikaku stills queued up and tomorrow ill start putting together gifs *-*

i have an hd rip of a beautiful bishounen ova that is chock full of aesthetic gifs and screenshots. and its not the only anime i want to make gifs from. so maybe i should repurpose one of my blogs to be anime aesthetic stuff. yeah?

ok but when i obsessed over that spectacularly shitty 90s cartoon abt screaming robots,

it was bc i wanted to scream and cry hysterically too

so is the mandalorian sweet? does it have a heart? a humanity? a genuine sort of sensibility?