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ok this is gonna sound like utter nonsense but somehow ive realized what the thing is with me and animation and live action. i prefer animated stuff so so so much because it can look literally however you want. but live action? its trying to be real or realistic. except when its explicitly trying to be heightened and unreal, which i prefer over more realistic stuff. and ok this applies most to mainstream stuff cause i know there are ppl out there pushing the medium to its boundaries. but the mainstream. heres how i see it.

it shows me footage and tells me: "this is real". and i cant help but be like "no its not. stop trying to tell me that this is real on any level. i know its not". and by that i mean that if there isnt something else to distract me then all i see is laboring bodies on screen. idealized bodies, selected from a subset of society that diets and works out to keep that unreal shape.

and i hear you say: look for works with more diverse body types. but let me get to the face. theyre also idealized. theyre conventionally attractive, even if they have one or two deviant flaws those just add interest or iconicity to a conventional package.

but wait, thats not a fabrication. there are indeed conventionally attractive people out there. im just saying, theyre probably not you or me or our friends and families. well maybe youre one of them, but be honest, how many ppl in your circle and environment look like movie stars? most of them? nah.

ill go one step further: heres the real fabrication. no real person really looks like a movie star because none of us spend hours in the makeup chair creating an impossible face. and now shapewear is popular. but its still not like an everyday thing. at least men dont go around dehydrating themselves and oiling up just to emphasize their six packs.

all this to say. what is so much of live action film/tv? fake bodies and faces that they keep telling you its real with the same transparent obstinacy of advertisement and porn. conventionally attractive people telling the stories of/for the whole rest of the world. rich people, more often than not. a stylist gives them an impeccable hairdo and then touches it some more to simulate some messiness. not too much tho, just enough to make reference to the idea of carelessness.

it can be impeccable yet mechanical at the same time. you can leave a camera running in front of these glamorous bodies and get footage that way, get your product.

but with animation? im not looking at bodies on screen. if celebrities want to exercise vanity then all they have is their voices, and that can only get them so far. suddenly their bodies are just as invisible as those of the animators, the designers, concept artists, illustrators, editors, etc.

basically all im saying is the standard mechanics of live action media distract me from the entertainment by making me think abt how we live in a society, while animation is my jam because im an artist and even the most low effort animation puts the artists at the forefront, not by flaunting their bodies, just their creations. and that makes me feel some good type of way

last night i watched frosty the snowman 1969 it was great. now thats what i call animation. its funny that the exact same artstyle works so well in 2d and 3d. thats how you know its good. the character designs are the cuddliest thing ever. thats the only way i can describe it. like. oh my GOD let me hug you. i dont care that youre a giant lump of hard snow. thats magic

i just had to watch a movie called "our brand is crisis" for school and hoo boy its so baaad wake me up insiiide its just such bland american liberal bullshit but you just Know that the "creatives" thought they were really on to something. oOoohh did you know electoral campaigns rigged? and politician lie? and propaganda? it really makes u think

sandra bullock is a relatable depressed person with a perfect cottage in the woods. shes just too good for her fat woman and black man sidekicks. shes a career woman. shes a hashtag girlboss. shes so quirky look she carries a Native American inspired pottery bowl (??) around as an amulet and she eats potato chip (SEE THATS SO QUIRKY)

its cool how she has no values or aspirations whatsoever and its only out of spite for his pasty rival that she suddenly decides to do anything and everything despicable to make a conservative fuck the president of an Exotic Latino Country

guys its ok!!! cause in the end when the conservative does what conservatives do, which is to fuck over the people, she has a big white savior moment and becomes part of a... latin american solidarity org? and theres a new hope for the future (that she fucked up in the first place)!!!

this story is based on real events guys. except for the whole twist. nevermind that. and most other things. ok its actually a very loose fictionalization. almost like it shouldve been presented as that, instead of suggesting that this kinda cookie cutter styrofoam pellets in a cardboard box of a narrative has any significant connection with reality

last night i watched the first guillermo del toro hellboy... yeah not a big fan. kudos to the sfx team and everyone looked like they were having fun. but they just HAD to put in a dumb love triangle, seriously... hellboy? in a love triangle? with the blandest milquetoast human man possible no less?

i know it was to give him ~humanity~ but thats so cheap when he already has PLENTY of humanity and relatable human connections. off the top of my head:

-adopted dad who raised him normal against all odds. ok i appreciate that their relationship was more fleshed out but they didnt even go all the way... its cute. but its meh.

-friendship with fellow freak of nature abe lincoln, the lovely fishman. yes they had banter but it wasnt NEARLY enough.

-friendship with also freak but passes off as normal liz sherman, thats your human element right there. it doesnt NEED to be a romance. but yknow. hollywood superhero market research 2004. liz deserved better.

abe didnt even get to be in the climax. he just stayed home. eating eggs. relatable, but i wanted to see him. oh well. ill just read more of the comic

i gotta watch some german expressionist movies cause i am enamored by that movement n the things it stands for

im gonna watch spirit: stallion of the cimarron for the first time in like a decade and love it even more

oh my god i finally finished torrenting the 720p blu-ray rip of Cry of the City it is so CRISPY

my dream is to one day find someone with a similar sense of humor so i can show them tentacolino, the whole thing, and we can experience the relentless insanity together

thank god when i was a kid i failed to retain any of the pro monarchy bs in "the great mouse detective" (which is in like every disney movie anyway)

watching it again now i had a good laugh at the concept of mice that serve in afghanistan (??) and wield tiny mouse-sized revolvers.

also the music is great. leitmotifs left and right. and the clockwork aesthetic is *chefs kiss* just delightful.

so it was pretty good even if im perfectly aware of (some criticisms and mentions of bigotry ahead, this is where the post ends otherwise)

that one racist costume... queercoded ratigan... ableist bat... fatphobic dawson... misogynistic cabaret mice... lazily designed good male dog vs evil female cat... just lazy designs in general which may or may not be offensive.

i would speculate that since animators were short on time n money they relied on easy familiar shorthand and stuff, but lets be honest this type of shit is just Disney TM. i just cant relate to adults who have rose tinted glasses for these movies. ok thats enough disney bashing

watching an incredibly garbage movie called "robot in the family" that feels like a nightmare of endless noise and nonsense tropey pastiche and losing my shit. its on youtube in fittingly awful vhs quality. i do not recommend it.

tonight im gonna sleep at a reasonable time instead of hyperfixating on tentacolino (2004) also known as in search of the titanic also known as alla ricerca del titanic, watching the english dub, watching the og italian dub, downloading both 360p rips from youtube and trying for hours to torrent an hd version to no avail

at one point im not kidding hes with this scientist henchman going over... the Plan?? i literally couldnt pay attention to what they were saying bc for SOME reason hes gettin handsy with this guy.

both hands getting all over the dudes face while hes trying to explain some evil science. then he moves on to a neck massage. im like oh my god. sir you are in the workplace. and with the klikliklik. cause hes working those fingers INTO the flesh. g e n t l y

so at this point im like ok hes gonna do the neck massage to strangulation switcheroo. but nope. he lifts the guy up. guy keeps talking and breathing no problem, no flailing, nothing. just showing off his muscle i guess.

end of scene. the age old motto echoes in my head: its all about the hands

if you wanna see the unreleased 1994 roger corman fantastic four just for doctor doom (aka the only good part of that trash fire) ill do you a solid.

he has scenes roughly at the 20, 30, 40, 50, 55, 65, 70, 73 and 75 min marks. by min 85 hes gone, you can turn it off and go on with your life

no matter what i urge you to avoid the first 20 min like the plague bc its so fuckin boring and even gross at times

review of robot carnival

its rlly good but the robots are very cold, just vehicles for purely human drama (and comedy, its not all dour and serious). still theres a lot of good action and detailed machinery animation and varied designs and world aesthetics across shorts (steampunk, cyberpunk, clockpunk, raygun gothic) with amazing music to match, theres 70s synth rock and ballet and industrial sounds...

youre probably gonna vibe with at least one of the shorts. i personally liked moments rather than whole stories, like the spectacle in "opening", everything in "star light angel" before the... unfortunate reveal, and the red neck parts in "chicken man and red neck".

but what happened to the wizard robo? did they make it? :/ huh

robot wizard on a flying bicycle does the bidding of giant robot the devil in apocalypse? sick

mecha fight but steampunk, in feudal japan? fuck yeah this rocks.......

robot hands gently place you onto rollercoaster seat...

rOBOT PARADE WITH NEON lights... they BLINK and strike COOL POSES........


VERY long and difficult process but they're activated now... wow... congrats