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tw: talk abt running away with all that it implies. sorry i had to allow myself ONE thought about running away per day because otherwise itll keep festering in my brain.

i can only do it after the plague subsides in the capital and id have to buy a bus ticket and somehow sneak out to take that bus. then i wouldve taken out a loan so i can pay for some kind of housing. unless ive somehow managed to make a committed friend thatd let me sleep in a corner. and probably a new phone in case theyre smart enough to try to track me and rat me out to the goddamn cops. then first thing i need is to sort out my bank situation. and then somehow if the cops are still not there then id literally just work to save up money. probably to move to a second location. the bigger capital? its an urban dystopian hellhole but id seriously rather get killed or maimed by strangers or an indifferent system cause i know its not personal. okay. now i have it out of my system

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