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ok this is gonna sound like utter nonsense but somehow ive realized what the thing is with me and animation and live action. i prefer animated stuff so so so much because it can look literally however you want. but live action? its trying to be real or realistic. except when its explicitly trying to be heightened and unreal, which i prefer over more realistic stuff. and ok this applies most to mainstream stuff cause i know there are ppl out there pushing the medium to its boundaries. but the mainstream. heres how i see it.

it shows me footage and tells me: "this is real". and i cant help but be like "no its not. stop trying to tell me that this is real on any level. i know its not". and by that i mean that if there isnt something else to distract me then all i see is laboring bodies on screen. idealized bodies, selected from a subset of society that diets and works out to keep that unreal shape.

and i hear you say: look for works with more diverse body types. but let me get to the face. theyre also idealized. theyre conventionally attractive, even if they have one or two deviant flaws those just add interest or iconicity to a conventional package.

but wait, thats not a fabrication. there are indeed conventionally attractive people out there. im just saying, theyre probably not you or me or our friends and families. well maybe youre one of them, but be honest, how many ppl in your circle and environment look like movie stars? most of them? nah.

ill go one step further: heres the real fabrication. no real person really looks like a movie star because none of us spend hours in the makeup chair creating an impossible face. and now shapewear is popular. but its still not like an everyday thing. at least men dont go around dehydrating themselves and oiling up just to emphasize their six packs.

all this to say. what is so much of live action film/tv? fake bodies and faces that they keep telling you its real with the same transparent obstinacy of advertisement and porn. conventionally attractive people telling the stories of/for the whole rest of the world. rich people, more often than not. a stylist gives them an impeccable hairdo and then touches it some more to simulate some messiness. not too much tho, just enough to make reference to the idea of carelessness.

it can be impeccable yet mechanical at the same time. you can leave a camera running in front of these glamorous bodies and get footage that way, get your product.

but with animation? im not looking at bodies on screen. if celebrities want to exercise vanity then all they have is their voices, and that can only get them so far. suddenly their bodies are just as invisible as those of the animators, the designers, concept artists, illustrators, editors, etc.

basically all im saying is the standard mechanics of live action media distract me from the entertainment by making me think abt how we live in a society, while animation is my jam because im an artist and even the most low effort animation puts the artists at the forefront, not by flaunting their bodies, just their creations. and that makes me feel some good type of way

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