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i watched a rlly cool anime and i need to talk abt it 😊❤️💕

its called!! Ai no Gakkou Cuore Monogatari (literally The Story of Heart, School of Love) which can i just say is such a delightfully blunt title. its based on a book from the 1880's but i think its so much better and ill tell u why in a sec.

its about this class of italian schoolboys. they have a nice teacher and sometimes to mix things up he tells them these morality tales. thats about it. its all cutesy and soft and sentimental. simplicity at its best.

like half the eps are character studies of each important kid as the protag gets to know them. and somethin i appreciate is that all of them have distinct faces, head shapes and bodies and NOT ONE of them is the designated "ugly" one.

the rest of the eps are like. the parade. someone has family drama. the bully kid bullies someone and then we support the victim. oop time for an epic morality tale. outdoors summer fun. the circus.

its SO chill esp compared to the book which flipflops between mundane playdates or trips and sudden death, illness or bloody accidents (thats not bad per se, i just have a problem with the way it frames some of this violence and suffering).

so the anime takes all this material, a character moment only mentioned in passing becomes a whole scene, disconnected stories get rearranged and tied together, and BAM the whole package turns out fuller, rounder and more cohesive.

the last 4 episodes are the most loosely adapted because... in the book the bully gets expelled. the protag thinks he'll probably go into the juvie and we never see or hear from him again. ?? okay???

i dont wanna spoil it but that is NOT what happens. like, at all. its very. very very different. its not like he "gets" redeemed, okay. redemption or character development or change can only come from the inside. thats all im gonna say. its the specifics of the story that are rlly touching and sweet and, again, pure sentimentalism.

and even tho its just at the very end i rlly think it elevates the whole show!!! bc the story does not have the same impact disconnected from everything that happened before. recontextualization, thats what it is. its GREAT. its great. i love it

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