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wait shit i wrote the post but then i didnt post it and also gotta reply to a message FUCKk dont get mad. its no big deal its really nothing i ended up remembering and thats good. im just gonna do both things in rapid succession, now


yeah i cried. i cried because they changed EVERYTHING about the ending. but they changed SO LITTLE but that little changes EVERYTHING ABOUT EVERYTHING. and its SO MUCH BETTER. ASTRONOMICAL ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE better than the book.

i just. suddenly. theres so much more MEANING and HOPE. and THE WORLD IS KIND. and PEOPLE are kind. and they DO care. they care SO DAMN MUCH you dont even KNOWWW cuz you think youre some sort of irredemable wretched monster but THERE IS A WAY BACK. THERES A SECOND CHANCE, THIRD CHANCE, FOURTH CHANCE its NOT over and done.

i didnt ask for this. i just thought. some light fluff and a bit of melodrama. I DIDNT EXPECT to take this show SERIOUSLY. and then it GETS SERIOUS and i dont have a CHOICE anymore.


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in case there will be a generation growing up entirely on tiktok: please don't actually tell your best friend that you have loved them since you were eighteen in the middle of their wedding, i feel like almost any other time is more appropriate than that

so far they kept the story abt a civilian kid getting heroically (?) killed in the middle of a warzone. they kept the plot about a violent alcoholic dad cleaning up his act. so the question is. are they gonna keep the time that the asshole bully got so bad that the teacher had to drag him kicking and screaming out of the fuckin classroom. and then it was dead quiet and everyone was upset and uncomfortable. cause i have NO idea how you can turn that into a nice uplifting episode of a kids' show

the process is quite simple. i talk to my therapist. she makes me confront all the stupid shit in my life. i feel like hot garbage. but then 20 mins later im normal again

may i interest you in some texts on Transformative Justice that i think are very informative and accessible for the uninitiated?

Toward Transformative Justice: A Liberatory Approach to Child Sexual Abuse and other forms of Intimate and Community Violence

csa is a form of violence that strikes a chord with any given community, so its only fitting to use it as a jumping off point to explore the principles of TJ and why we need it. with that theoretical base, this paper provides a step-by-step guide to strategies for prevention and intervention: how to build an acting Collective, assess a violent situation, support victims, hold people doing harm accountable and allow the whole community to heal.

Creative Interventions Toolkit: A Practical Guide to Stop Interpersonal Violence

incredibly thorough and MASSIVE as a result. it says practical in the title, but there's just as much if not more theory about community-based interventions. definitions of confusing terms and detailed guides for all the strategies i already mentioned. plus several real life stories of more or less successful interventions (trigger warning for the situations described). its a LOT, but you can just pick one section and come out having learned something valuable.

The CR Abolition Organizing Toolkit

another toolkit? but its laser focused on dismantling the prison industrial complex (PIC) from an american perspective. history and stats, exercises and discussion questions, FAQ and how to express abolitionist arguments without calling it that, to bring people over to our side. jump to page 66 for specific talk of transformative justice and to 74 for snappy one-page explanations of key concepts. this thing is better organized than any of my high school textbooks.

i cant believe the protagonist kid's parents arent just Stoic Man and Delicate Woman and are actually silly and romantic w each other sometimes. this wasnt even in the BOOK. this is a SHOUNEN show. they absolutely did not need to give them personalities. and YET. they did. delightful, amazing, groundbreaking, etc

it shows advanced kanji on screen and on top of them are hiragana transcriptions... so thoughtful.... this is the first time i see sth like that

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OH THANK GOD i thougt the file was corrupted bc windows media player cant play it but vlc came to my rescue and here it is.... animes. in beautiful standard resolution.... in unsubtitled japanese. but i dont even care

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@luna-megalopolis commented: high five? something similar happened to me when I started watching mushishi. in my case, windows media player played only the audio track, but vlc saved me.

vlc is the best player hands down. behind that ugly interface that always used to put me off lies a fountain of goodness and customization options

OH THANK GOD i thougt the file was corrupted bc windows media player cant play it but vlc came to my rescue and here it is.... animes. in beautiful standard resolution.... in unsubtitled japanese. but i dont even care

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fandomsandsuch asked:

what is the meaning behind the ussr joke?

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there is a famous phrase that says "there is/was no sex in the ussr". it originated in the 80s, when a soviet woman said "we don't have sex here" in a conversation with american woman about sexualized ads. the author of the phrase later implied that women in ussr "didn't have sex, they made love".

the phrase "there is/was no sex in ussr" became popular also because the subject of sex was a big taboo in ussr, and the phrase is often used to note that. but it's also used as a joke "hmm, there was no sex in ussr, i wonder how children were made..." so, when UK "banned sex", naturaly, i decided they and ussr are in the same boat now.

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Almost trips over my own feet while carrying a filled glass and an open water bottle


hm. im reading the book in the original italian instead of a translation and what do you know, there are so many colorful turns of phrase that got put thru the stylistic grinder of 19th century english literature and came out as flat and flavorless as a grocery store communion wafer. and that means. i HAVE to go thru the whole thing.

[ID: A photo of a cat in a birthday hat in front of a can of wet food decorated with a single bright candle. On top of the image, a computer pop-up dialog reads: "Fortunately, the clock is still ticking. The hours are going by. The past increases, the future approaches. Possibilities changing, wisdom growing. Do you understand?". Option 1: "I Understand". Option 2: "One day, I will". End ID.]

oh the internet is an endless expanse of content, you say? a digital galaxy of possibilities? then why the fuck cant i find a single copy of acclaimed novel "adiós, josefina" by josé maría sánchez-silva garcía-morales (yes thats his full name) from 1962? explain that.

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Hi! I'm Tyra

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I'm 20 in a month, and I live with my boyfriend in a medium sized town on the coast of Norway. I'm plural, disabled, chronically ill, mentally ill, and neurodivergent. Also queer. Happy pride month!

I like to write stories, make art, listen to music, eat good food, and every now and then meet friends.

I want to use this blog to ramble and share what I create. I'll try my best to be active!

Askbox should be open!

Please reblog so I can follow if you are/post about:

- disabled

- chronically ill

- mentally ill


- artist

- writer

- memes

- cute animals

- positivity

That's all! Have a great day<3

i wanna post more about that amazing anime but youre gonna have to wait till i torrent the other 25 episodes bc apparently everything anime before the 90's just has to be excruciatingly obscure. i dont even know if it has subtitles. theres no separate file. might be baked in, might be walking right into a raw. then ill understand 40% of the dialogue and go read the book that its based on

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I know the pasta shapes don't matter in terms of flavor, but I know for a fact that Bow ties are better than rigatoni and you can't change my mind

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@whoever tried to anonymously come in my dms and argue that WAGON WHEELS are the superior pasta shape:

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But... Isn't ravioli the superior pasta?

Or does it not count because it has a filling?

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I am calzone

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thats bc you havent tried my napolitan cousins' fresh ravioli giganti

oh. just in case it wasnt clear. Black lives and liberation matter. abolish the police. i stand with the protestors, the rioters and the looters, no splitting hairs abt it

found an old anime abt a teacher who seems scary at first but it turns out hes super nice and thoughtful and he gives them a litltel...speech abotu. how much. they mean to him and. that he lo hhh j hHHH ahoy matey i struck GOLD

i feel so much better now and to think that i started off the day by getting so upset that i fainted - oh my god i got so lucky that my head fell gently onto my bed. feeling faint? ALWAYS approach the nearest soft surface bc you rlly dont want a concussion on top of whatever knocked u out. street smarts

woke up, tried to get up, passed out. thats how my mornings goin so far

REMEMBER: shes progressive and uses inclusive language. shes safe