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its fuckin me up so bad

that artemy and stanislav were childhood bffs and they were so close so close

and he was isidors best student and so very loyal

and he was an orphan

and he


and isidor. was gonna make him. his. foster. SON. and he NEVER GOT TO


friendly reminder that i have flat foot so not being able to stand for long periods of time without feeling like hell isnt me being stupid or whiny or weak. its a goddamn medical condition

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i got really frustrated earlier bc for the love of all that is holy i cannot find the pose i was trying to draw, which is knocked back to the ground with an arm raised for shielding or to appease the attacker

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Idk if these help (slight nudity warning? They in underwear) or if you can combine them to get the pose your looking for, but hopefully they do!







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these are frikfcin amazing and juicy THANK YOU i had given up already

ill also follow @fearlesseffusivefullofgrace 's advice thank u

i got really frustrated earlier bc for the love of all that is holy i cannot find the pose i was trying to draw, which is knocked back to the ground with an arm raised for shielding or to appease the attacker

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only really topic adjacent but I think we should build a culture of tagging the specific reason(s) a post is nsfw whenever we use the nsfw tag. someone being able to see the sex jokes they like without seeing nudity they don't, or seeing artistic nudity without running across sex jokes and porn, etc. would undoubtedly increase the appeal of the site for a lot of adults who otherwise have to say no thanks to the whole category

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when you go to the bakery but you didn’t speak clearly enough for the staff to understand what you were trying to order

you have to be a special kinda dumpass to make a long exhausting journey across the country and get room and board at a nice house with a perfectly good bed and then fall asleep at a hard wooden desk instead

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me, trying to draw The Dark Crystal things for waterfall

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us trying to do anything for waterfall

so its come to this huh. im gonna have to transcribe the entirety of the game's raw strings from an xml file into a readable format.

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Online art terms:

MC = My character YC = Your character

YCH = Your character here (one draws a base and people can pay for their character to be drawn into that base by them)

Adoptable: A character design you can 'adopt' from an artist. Often these are paid character designs.

Commission: A custom art piece you 'commission' someone to make for you. This is a paid assignment

Request: These are free not guaranteed

Suggestion: Similar to a request but possibly even less guaranteed

what the... artemy is 26

hes younger than daniil

big man... wise beyond years

edit: mark? MARK??? is 23. this guys almost my age and he broke his spine twice and he owns a business. 19th century wildin

theres a certain quality to claras ending that just makes me feel at peace with everything

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this one goes out to the like 2 other ppl who care about pathologic in here. hi. have a spicy homegrown meme

[ID: Digital fanart of the Pathologic protagonists reenacting the "woman yelling at cat" meme. Panel one: Bachelor yells and points an accusatory finger at someone off-panel. Haruspex puts an arm around him, looking weary. Panel two: the Changeling sits behind a dinner plate with a bewildered look on her face. End ID.]

....i say, immediately before getting distracted by irl stuff for like HOURS

hey remember when that wise person said never spend more than 30 min drawing a meme

heads up im about to post art

and we're off to a GREAT start

[ID: A screenshot that reads: "Time. "time" is by far the chocolate ice cream sexiest sugar lovely of these tags and is used to make dates and times super-semantically rich and mmm." End ID.]

alright change of plan, instead of trying to make a thing thats not part of the course rn im gonna keep going with the course instead

maybe im actually allergic to dust but i dont know it bc rugs and carpeted floors just arent a thing here

i fell asleep too quickly i STILL dont know how her story ends,,, AAAA

im just about to watch clara's day 12 but for some reason im getting rlly fuckin emotional about her conversations with her bound at the end of day 11... about how theyre all criminals and outcasts... and the miracle... spoilers ahead but its really. i just.... the pathos... IM CRYING AHHHhh

so the thing is she chooses 7 of her 9 bound ppl to sacrifice in the service of her miracle thats gonna cure everyone else from the plague.

and she goes around asking for their explicit consent in these like... ritualistic formulas with the promise that theyll die and be remembered fondly as champions and martyrs...

all in spite of their unsavory sinful lives, in spite of their terrible reputations in the eyes of the public AND the dark secrets they confessed to clara...

with that promise, its like not even a choice for them. theyre all so firm in their decision and yet that doesnt mean theyre quietly resigned, theyre going to sleep painfully aware of their mortality so theyre obviously upset and that makes ME upset too...

but LET ME TALK about BAD GRIEF in particular bc hes soooo so mUCH... when clara goes to draw out his secrets hes one of the few who isnt caught off guard at all as he goes under her full honesty spell. and the things he says... FUCK dude its baaad, truly gutwrenching stuff, and the most surprising thing? hes remorseful abt it.

this is BAD GRIEF the THIEF. the crime lord, the black tradesman. he kills people or lets them die. hes one of the few characters who doesnt speak in flowery riddles and shit. just crude bluntness and dark jokes and mean sarcasm. NOT the type to open up like this.

and then when he decides to sacrifice himself? its a bit like hes under one of clara's spells again, her influence is so powerful by then. hes calling her Mistress and slipping away from his regular speech pattern into a sort of quiet reverence and just... Wow. wooow.

thats as articulate as im gonna get. it just hits the sweet harrowing spot.

i tried to make a drop down menu today. and did not succeed. but only bc my workflow is disorganized and capricious and stuff. tomorow im gonna follow the tutorial to a t and make the thing happen i s2g

dont care didnt ask plus you still use div and span instead of meaningful sectioning

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An Anonymous user asked:

Will you guys be changing how tag searches are displayed anytime soon? i like one-column scrolling for my dash, but when going through fandom tags, fanart, etc it feels more organic to see results in a grid or in multiple columns - like a showcase. (and it's less exhausting to interact with without scrolling a looooot)

staff -

Yes - it'll be coming in update 0.25 (the feature update after tonight's)! That update will also include a generally overhauled search system that'll let you filter by post type and time range, as well as blog archives (which I believe is the last major feature we're missing from Tumblr).